Sweet Friends,

I love a good end of year sale.

You love a good end of year sale.

But what we BOTH love even more, is an end of year sale with a PURPOSE – amirght???

That is why for 48-hours only I am having FLASH SALE!  $100 off every course and free gifts with every purchase!

Even MORE exciting than the sale however, is that 20% of every purchase goes to a very special organization called House of Loveness.

House of Loveness was created by my dear friend Betsy Blankenbaker; a wise, old-soul kind of woman with sparkling eyes and a contagious laugh.

She is also one of the most sensual women I know.  She is the author of Autobiography of an Orgasm; a sexy, spiritual memoir of Betsy’s decision to study orgasm as a way to heal her body and her heart from sexual assault.

26175726_1681415308569725_1448270740_n I want to take a moment to tell you the extremely compelling story of how House of Loveness was born, and what your purchases during this sale will support.

During the height of the Zimbabwe cholera epidemic in 2008, four abandoned newborn babies were brought to a local hospital in a wheelbarrow.  

The nurses at the hospital gave each of the children names.  There were three boys and a girl. The little girl’s was named Loveness.

Betsy learned about Loveness through a friend, and immediately sent a letter to the hospital stating a desire to adopt her. She spent the next three weeks immersed in the process of adoption and preparing her home and her heart for a new child.  Betsy left for Zimbabwe (having never been to Africa before) with 300 lbs of donations from family and friends for the four babies, and ready to meet her new daughter with open arms.

After 20 hours of flying and weeks of physical and emotional preparation, Betsy arrived at the hospital, and was greeted with unexpected news.

Just hours before her arrival, Loveness had died.

In fact, all four of the babies had died.

She met Loveness for the first time in the hospital morgue.

In Betsy’s words: 

“On December 2nd I buried Loveness in a local cemetery in a field of fresh graves.  In a white coffin Loveness was surrounded by the four baby boys whose unclaimed bodies had been in the morgue for more than week. I threw dirt on all five coffins while nurses from the hospital sang beautiful African songs. The moment I buried Loveness,  Zimbabwe became my back yard, and House of Loveness was born.”


Since that day in 2008, House of Loveness has provided children with housing, education, meals, transportation to school and so much more. It has recently expanded to offer much needed medical care and jobs to women and mothers.

This 48 hour sale runs from from 12:00am Wednesday until 11:59pm ET on Thursday.

20% of every purchase goes to the women and children of House of Loveness.

I am so proud and excited to draw 2017 to a close by supporting the efforts of this very special organization that is founded, fueled and run by LOVE.

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