A $4K lesson on putting yourself back together


I once had a friend who was a photographer at a famous NYC auction house.  His job was to photograph very expensive antiques, jewels and art for display in the auction catalogue. Handling these items, you can imagine how careful you’d have to be.

One day, while carrying a $4,000 antique dinner plate from one display table to another, his hand slipped and the plate dropped straight to the floor.

That’s a $4,000 whoopsie.

The company did not dock his pay, nor did they just sweep it into the bin. What they did is carefully bring every fragment of the plate down to the special restorations department. These artisans painstakingly took each tiny fragment and put it back together so perfectly you would never know the plate had been broken.

I can’t help but see the metaphor here, in how we put ourselves back together after a fall.

Yes, there are the big sweeping moments like our life altering choices, taking big risks, venturing out on a wing and prayer; these are like the big pieces of the plate.

But then there are the tiny fragments. The daily grind of things like making the bed even when you’re depressed, calling your senator even when you’re discouraged, not texting that certain someone who treats you poorly, even when you are aching with loneliness.

It reminds me of the time at my friend Rochelle’s wedding when she kicked off the weekend by saying, “Thank you all so much for being here for this important moment. But even more so, thank you for every single moment that led up to this one.”

Here’s to the ALL your pieces, great and small.

Much Love,


  1. Thank you for this post when I am in the middle of dealing with a broken plate :). And for the reminder that we have the ability to create in every moment

  2. “his hand slipped and the plate dropped straight to the floor”. I could hear the sound of the plate shattering.

    Maybe because I’m experiencing my own $4,000 whoopsie as we speak.

    Thank you for sharing this. Gorgeous image by the way.

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