5 Books To Ignite Your Senses This Summer

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Summer Lovers!

Is there be a more satisfying, simple luxury than curling up with a wonderful book on a summer afternoon?

If there is, I dare you to prove it to me.

Each of the books on this list teases and tantalizes in their own unique way. They make me want to grab you by the collar, pull you close and whisper: YOU. MUST. READ. THIS. (a.k.a. – The Kitty Cavalier Stamp Of Approval.)



Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

By Barbara Kingsolver

Who can make homesteading a romantic, whimsical and deeply moving affair? B. K., that’s who.  In this beautiful memoir she writes about the year long experiment of growing 100% of her family’s food, right down to the big, buoyant balls of mozzarella cheese.  A sweet and savory read for sure.


Why I Wake Early

By Mary Oliver

Let me tell you something: there is a VERY GOOD REASON for owning a fainting couch, and her name is Mary Oliver.  I read a poem from this book upon waking, when my consciousness is still as fuzzy and innocent as a baby chick.  Just listen to this line: “Why worry about the loaves and fishes? If you say the right words, the wine expands.” Keep your smelling salts handy.

The Soul of Sex

By Thomas Moore

Love Sex? Love Theology? I think we have a winner!!! The Soul of Sex  is a deep, soulful, tender exploration of the holiness of the erotic. If rapturous nude angels in stained glass windows could talk, they would write  this book.


Coming To My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure and an Unlikely Bride

By Alyssa Harad

This memoir begins as a woman’s embarrassing fetish with fragrance, and flourishes into a deeply intimate, personal story.  Ms. Harad leaves behind the straight lines of the life she expected, and leapt towards the curves of passion, which in this case just happen to take on the voluptuous shape of bottle of perfume.


The Spy

by Paul Coelho

Ever wish the author of The Alchemist would write a book about, I don’t know, legendary seductress Mata Hari? Wish granted my sweet! This book is like a solid square of chocolate made with 100% cacao. Potent, dark, deep, vulnerable, and poetic.  Sigh.



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  1. Fabulous and helpful post for summer fun, Kittie. Those first three are some of my all-time favorite sensual reads… And the last two I’ll pick up this week. Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Just finished reading The Little French Bistro by Nina George. SO GOOD. My favorite passage: “She suddenly felt an incredible fear of dying prematurely and not having had her fill when her final day came–her fill of life, up to the top and over the rim. She’d never felt such lust for life: the pain of having missed out on so much was threatening to blow her heart asunder. Never had the act she had considered committing struck her as more egregious: She had tried to put herself to death long before her time.

    Yann put his hand on Marianne’s back, and her heart was pumping and beating, as if to say: it’s far from over. Every second can mark a new beginning. Open your eyes and see: the world is out there and it wants you.”

  3. Perfect timing! I just finished the Autobiography of Lenny Bruce and from a place of appreciation for the people who stand up and deliver with great insight and truth, I will choose a book from this list.

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