100 Songs To Slow You Down (Free Playlist)

100 Songs To Slow You Down (Playlist)

Dear Sugar Blossoms,

A few weeks ago I hosted a party, and while happily chopping onions in the kitchen I got a text from my friend Jaime. “Even though I can’t be there tonight I left a little something on the porch to be there in spirit.”

I went to my front porch and there waiting for me was the most gorgeous bouquet of pink tiger lilies. It was a secret admirer fantasy come true!

It would have been very easy to exclaim, “how nice!”, then throw the flowers in a vase and go back to chopping onions feverishly, letting the experience just skim the surface of my consciousness like a rock skipping over a lake.

But instead I scooped them up in my arms and I drank the moment in. I savored their beauty and felt my heart explode with gratitude. I was fully present to this special moment of love and friendship.

I took that rock of consciousness and followed its full journey across the lake, all the way down to the sandy floor.

There is nothing more sweet than being truly AWAKE during an experience of pleasure, tenderness, and beauty. 

But with so many more “legitimate” tasks that steal our attention, it’s easy put pleasure off until we think we’ve really earned it.

And yet, the very thing we work so hard for has been sitting there the whole time, like a pink tiger lily right under one’s nose.

It takes great bravery to go slow. It also takes great music.

That’s why I’ve created a special playlist of 100 Songs To Slow You Down, that you can listen to at work, at play, or while chopping onions for a party.

And if slowing down is something you’d like even more support with, come to my free Q and A on Thursday at 2pm EST. 

We’ll snuggle up in front of my fireplace, and I will share with you the key tools to slowing down that I use personally  that I only share with my private clients.

We are going get to the root what keeps you from slowing down, address the areas where energy is leaking from your life, and take your power BACK.


If you can’t be there live you can sign-up anyway, and the playback will be made available for a limited time.


I can’t wait to talk to you then!

All my love,


Image By Willy Nilly Lily



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